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About This File

Commissioned by FracturedMoonlight
Her vision was to have an oasis that offered many chances for success or failure, hence the name.


This first screenshot employs as part of the illusion the Neighborhood decor by Podchacha


This second screenshot show the actual lot..

This lot has several edible plants,
the beginning of a garden,
an invisible toilet,
a stone sink and a waterfall shower.

According to Fracs instructions there is no shelter/housing structure.

58,389 Simoleans


5 X 6

Thanks for this project goes to my Creator and to the invaluable work of the following CC creators:

4eversimsfantasy, 71robert13/SKS, alex_stanton1983, apollo, besen, bienchen83, buggybooz, cathee, Echo, engelchen, Frances, Frillen, Gwenke, Havelock, Joyful Girl, kativip, Khakidoo, Lady Lama, Lethe_s, macarossi , Marvine, Michelle, Murano, Murano, Nengi65, Nofrena, Parsimonious Kate, raynuss, Rebecah, roddyaleixo, Sunni, sweetswami77, WhiteShark, Yggdrasil

The Inn Stand Master file is needed to give the Inn Sink it's texture.

Special Thanks
Poschacha for Neighborhood decor

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