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Childs Sized Functional Table and Chairs

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After creating my kitchen set I decided it was not complete without a child size table and chairs. It took some doing to get it working but I finally got it.

I wanted children to be able to have their dolls sit with them at the table like I did as a child, so I created an extra partial chair to allow this. No cheats are need to place the extra slot portion of the chair, but it is a little confusing. Please see the video to understand how it works.


For placing the slot you should place it first then place the actual chair. Go to live mode so the chair and slot move up to the table then place the doll. You may have to press the m key to move the doll to the proper slot.

If no table is used with the chair you may place the slot, chair then the doll without going to live mode.


The chair pulls textures from the EA Tea Time Chair and the table pulls textures from the Ample King table. Both base game items. I used all the table textures to create matching chair textures plus created matching colors to my kitchen set. So you have several recolor options that not only work for my set but also work for the EA Table and Chair.


This set does not require any expansions and I have tested it with base game only installed and all expansions installed.


Please watch the video to see how to place the item for use with dolls and bears.

The chairs are in with regular dining chairs and the table is under dining tables.


Additional Credits:

Hope Bayler for the retro kitchen set :Click Here


Thanks to all that have helped make this a caring and sharing community.

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Thanks for the info about prices, it helps me find things in my bloated catalog.


The chairs are in with regular dining chairs for $25 and the table is under dining tables for $95.



I have really enjoyed this set in conjunction with the Childrens Functional Kitchen Set:


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I have a "silly" question. If a chair has an extra slot without a doll/bear can a child sit in that chair or does the extra slot have to be removed first?

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Oh, I see what you mean and it is not silly. The child can sit in a chair with the extra slot. (between you and me, sometimes they will even sit on a doll if they want to use the chair :cheesy:).

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Thanks Nonni, its good to know that I wont have to move the extra slot if more than one kid wants to play... (that is funny about them sitting on a doll... I use to sit on my doll's "lap" now and again as a kid myself :cheesy: )

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I love this set. I had a childs version of my mom's dinette set as a child. I had many tea parties with my dolls and stuffed animals. I can't wait to recreate the memories in my game.

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