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Nursery Floors and Walls

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Another request from Nonni  :) :) :) 


Nonni, I hope you like these and can use them in your game.  :1hug:


The walls can be found in Build Mode/ Walls / Paint and the walls in Build Mode /Floors / Carpets. All of them cost $5 


There are four sets:


1.  Zoo set




2.  Hey Diddle Set





3.  Tree with Owl Set

4.  Monkey Set




In game pictures:





In the creating of these set I uses HomeCrafter Plus, PhotoFlitre, Google Search  and the game.


Thank you Nonni for the request and support.


All the glory to my Heavenly Father!


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Oh, Alet!! They are better than I could ever have imagined!! I mean it they are incredible!! and just in the nick of time for my house that is almost finished. Thank you so much. You have really outdone yourself. I could go on... and on...


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Oh these are so adorable!  Thanks for the request Nonni and thanks Alet for making them.

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LOL Nonni, you make my day! Thank you! 


And thank you very much, Beck, I'm so glad you like the walls.

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Going through Alet's walls and floors is like going through a jewelry box with such lovely choices.

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How adorable, Alet! You've created some precious nursery wall sets for our Sim wee ones!



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