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Teenage Turf Makeover by Nonni

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About This File

The lot is 4 X 4

6.0 MB

128,448 simoleans

I have All EPs and SPs



This is another lot that I had hoped to make into a dorm. Even though it is in a non-residential catagory, it has been built to be converted into a dorm. If you want to use the Myne Door, install them before you change the lot zone. In order to complete the change to make the lot into a dorm you must use the cheat: changeLotZoning dorm


Each bedroom has 2 beds, I recommend using the Myne Door with BO - Multi-key Dorm-Doors, however to keep a bunch of dormies from swarming the room.


NOTE: HystericalParoxysm at MTS gives you some additional advice regarding the re-zoning.

You have to actually exit the lot and come back into it (go to the neighborhood and back) for the zoning to change.

























I would like to thank all the wonderful creators that made this lot possible.
Thanks be to God, all Honor and Glory is His.

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Dany!! What a sweet surprise! :partyhat:


I am honored that you made a comment. :love:


I am truly delighted to 'see' you here. :366915:


That you like my lot means so much to me. :icon_hug:

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What a great idea to make a dorm. It seems to be a perfect place with all needs fullfilled for the students. Love it.

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  • Administrators

Great job Nonni!  As Jon said it looks like you put a lot of work into this.  Thank you for sharing!

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  • Administrators

Wow, Nonni you really did a wonderful job with the makeover! I love it! Thank you for sharing :)

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  • Members

Thank you for sharing,Nonni!

This is very awsome!
Believe me,I really can't made a lot as beautiful as yours :)

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Stefy, I hope that you are able to get more EPs and SPs soon.

I am happy that you like this lot.

I do not know how playable it would be in your game since I have all the EPs and SPs in my game.

Hang in there, kiddo! :icon_hug:

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