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Hammer N Peg Toy - Mechanical Skills & Enthusiasm for tinkering

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Posted 02 November 2007 - 09:22 PM
Update January 13, 2009 -

New Version gives toddler enthusiasm for tinkering.

IĀ also reduce the poly count and fix the shadows in this version.

A toy to teach mechanical skills was requested by goody-goody. Thanks for the request goody-goody.

I coded it to give mechanical skill and at a little faster speed not a lot but somewhat.

I works about the same as the Maxis Shape Box except they just hit on it. I changed the order the animations come up.

There are 2 files included 1 is the Hammer and the other the actual peg box. You need to have both files placed in your download directory for this to work.

It is priced the same as the Maxis Shape Box and found under General/Child.


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I really like this in game. Is it possible to get some plain wood recolors that will fit in my medieval neighborhood, though? I find it interesting that many of my toddlers choose this toy over any others. And they look so cute playing away. :)

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Lass, if you place this request here there is a greater chance of someone seeing it.

This would be a fairly simple request to fulfill. :Empathy:

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