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About This File

Lady Asenath was the wife of the vizer of Egypt, Lord Zaphnath-Paaneah (known in Hebew history as Joseph, son of Jacob). She was the daughter of Potipherah who was the priest of On.








I was inspired to create this Sim based on Fictional Account of the Life of Asenath, wife of Joseph in a novel by Anna Patricio titled Asenath.

















Thanks to MaAlet for the beautiful walls.


Dress by alexarosa.

Hair is included in a sim by Wicked_poppies.

(It is located in Custom Hairs in CAS)

The mesh from Anto @coolsims.

This Sim is 98% Custom Content, with the remaining 2% being my fun assembling her.


Thanks to all the wonderful Creators of Custom content.


Praise to my God for His provisions.


I have all EPs and SPs

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Oh wow Nonni, she is gorgeous! In all the stages she is amazingly pretty. :dancing smiley:


Thank you so much for sharing her :Peek-A-Boo:

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Dany, darling! coming from you, with your great skill in fashioning sims, I am so delighted with your lovely comment.


I am not sure why the smiley option does not show up. They only work for me if I first post a comment and then go back and chose to edit it. When editing the smiley option shows up.




Now the smiley option is showing for me. :smiley_laughing:

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I'm sorry,  indeed, I noticed that I had to choose the EDIT option but I found that weird, because unless I'm mistaken it's been two manipulations. Is this normal ?  :police:



 I ask this because in the game "10,000 Angels"  we have access to smileys right the first time   :smiley_laughing:   :smiley:

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Marbi and Beck - How did I miss your sweet comments? I thought I checked carefully.


Thank you for your very kind words. Hugs, dear Ladies! :image014-22:

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