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Astra, Estelle and Moonbeam - Triplets

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About This File

This is a set of triplets that I created a few months ago just for fun.




They are











and Moonbeam:







Again, These Sims are 98% Custom Content, with the remaining 2% being my fun assembling them.


Thanks to all the wonderful Creators of Custom content.


Praise to my God for His provisions.


I have all EPs and SPs


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I am discovering (it may be my imagination) that my sims have different personalities even if the have the same zodiac sign.

Astra is very active and is into everything when she is not wanting her mother's attention, she is very social and likes to be the center of attention.

Estelle is serious and curious and she often chooses to play alone. She is not the oldest but she often takes the lead.

Moonbean does not beg for attention but she welcomes it. She is just as happy socializing, learning or listening.

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I've noticed my sims have certain personalities too. It took me a while to realize that they do but its very clear to me now that they do indeed have different personalities.

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just joined here...Nonni seen this site over on Insimenator and love your stuff...have a question on the Triplets...if I got them do they have to be adopted or do you just add them to any family or does the parents come to...have never downloaded the kids wasn't ever sure what to do...but these Triplets are adorable...


thanks Nonni

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The way to get them into your game is to go into CAS after you open your game. Go to the Toddler stage and select them. You cannot exit CAS without having an adult in the family. What I do is to take whatever adult is produced by the game, move the family into a cheap lot and kill the adult. The social worker comes and takes the toddlers. Now they are available for adoption.


Feel free to ask more questions if you like. That's what I am here to do, helping members.

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If they are adopted will they be adopted together or seperate really don't want that to happen...I guess I could make a couple and just put them all in together...would that work...would be afraid if the social worker came and got them they would be seperated...


thanks Nonni...

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Hmm...OK, one alternative would be to move the triplets and their disposable (killable) parent/guardian to the lot where you want the triplets to live. Then when the guardian/parent dies the girls would stay with the household/lot.


There are ways to make them part of the family using hacks or mods like Sim Manipulator by Aaroneous, a friend of mine.

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