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The above picture is one of my current custom hoods I use exclusively for building residential lots. No sims have ever been played in this hood. I am dedicating all the houses I make in this hood to Affinitysims. This means that you will get to see new houses frequently. All lots will be unfurnished. There may be a few pieces of furniture or other objects, but consider each lot a template for YOU to decorate and modify as you want.
Again, these lots are NOT ready for play. I am offering these for those who enjoy decorating and/or lot makeovers. Each layout has been play-tested in previous versions of my hoods. I build for both playability and taking pictures. So, don't expect to see a house with only teeny tiny rooms. Any small spaces are intentional, but not in ways that will make it difficult for your sims to get around the lot or other sims. If you see something that is not playable for your play style, change it. That is what these lots are for, you may consider them fixer-uppers.
With that said, the first lot is 2 Affinity Road.
Lot Size: 30x30
Price: 24,500
Description: 2-story house with a large and open first floor. The kitchen is large enough to accommodate a large dining table, hearth, etc. The living area off the entry is spacious for receiving guests and family activities.
Two rooms on the first floor are for private bathing. One or the other can easily be converted into a pantry or nursery for the wee ones.
There are two side-by-side stairs to the second floor.
The master bedroom has a private bathroom and private balcony above the main entrance. The other bedroom is large enough to raise several children. There is access from the second floor hallway to the balcony at the back of the house and another at the front of the house.
The outside of the house is well-landscaped with a lot of room for improvements, play areas, gardening, and a private pond.
Front of the house.
This is the roof.
First floor
Second floor
This is the back of the house.


Exterior View.

Please use Clean Installer (http://sims2pack.modthesims2.com/) or MacUnpac (http://forum.jfade.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=456) to install these lots to be sure to avoid any items or problems you do not want. These lots are originals, so have NEVER been played. I only play copies of my lots. Nonetheless, it is suggested you make a backup of your game before installing any new lots.
Expansions I have are: TS2, University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Seasons, Bon Voyage, GLS

The following creators have provided content for this lot:
Walls and floors by Sunni- 125 Recolors of BB's Niches + Matching Walls

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I have tears of joy. (hormones kicking in again)

I have to help my son with something but when I get back, I look forward to installing, furnishing, and playing this lot.

Tune in later. :grin:


I'm back for a bit. I meant to tell you also that I love your custom 'hood! :389-Amours-love-:

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Thanks Rebecah. Not over with yet. Lots more lots to come. But I'm tangling with my image hosting sites. Photobucket is pain in the tush. Imgur just stalls.


Building helps me relax and have something to look forward to. I makeover the same lots until I get tired of the hood and there's no more room for hood deco. (I like the hood to be pretty even when not playing it.) Then I make a backup, or not, and start another new hood. Always have a bunch of houses on hand when one is needed. Although now I'm trying to get in the habit of sharing the lots instead of deleting them when I need more room to build.


Thanks for replying and I'm glad you like this first one Nonni. Maybe you will share your pictures of how you make it over. Whatever you do with it, I won't be offended.

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Marbi, I love ponds and lots of plants on my lots. You should have seen it before I took out more than half the plants, trees, and bushes. Most of my sims get to spend a ton of money on landscaping before they get their homes furnished. Hehehehe. Because I'm an outdoor person stuck inside too often. I have to use TJ's perfect gardens mod from simbology.

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Wow, Naomi, this lot is beautiful! I like the lay out of the house and all the plants! Thank you for sharing :dancing smiley:

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I have added the files that were needed for this lot, other than the invisible driveway, I do not see that you have used one in any of your lots.

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Oh, Fabulous!! Beck and Naomi, I am thrilled beyond words with the work you have done to make this lot easier to use. Y'all are Superstars in my book.

Oh, dear, I'm so happy, I feel the hormones kicking in again. sniff-sniff   :29cw6j4_th.jpg::cheesy:

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