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Update October 26, 2013:  Added file with textures and meshes needed to eliminate all flashing blue items, please click the download button to find the file.


2nd October 26, 2013 Update: For less confusion, I removed ALL items from lot that were flashing blue as I needed to exchange images. I apologize the packager did not want to package those items after I tried numerous times. The lot should now match all images.


I'm back with another lot from my building 'hood. In case you haven't seen it, here is a picture of the 'hood. 



The most recent picture to date. This is a large hood, so this picture only represents a few houses. It shows only some of the houses that are currently ready for upload. When I'm done uploading all these lots, you will probably see another view of this hood.


This lot is yet another intended for those that don't like to build or like to decorate and give lot makeovers. It is a template and is not fully furnished. You get to decorate and modify to your preferences.


With that said, the second lot in this series is 4 Affinity Road

Lot Size: 40x20

Price: 32,200


Description: 2-story house with a large and open first floor. The kitchen is large enough to accommodate a large dining table, hearth, etc. The living area to the left from the entry is spacious yet cozy for receiving guests, family activities and hamming it up for the camera.


There are two bathing rooms on the lot. One on each floor. But don't worry, there is still room at various spots to provide an outhouse or two.


The master bedroom is smaller than the wee ones room. The wee ones room can accommodate several bunk beds or a couple double beds.


The patio off the kitchen/dining room is paved and roomy for grilling, dining and other activities. There is a second floor balcony accessible from the door across from the second floor landing.


The outside is partially landscaped. You can see the tracks in the front that you can use as a guide to place a driveway, if you wish to have one. A driveway is not included with the lot.


Front of the house.



View of the roof and lot layout.



This is a view of the first floor



This is a view of the second floor



The attic has a single room accessible via a ladder. Use your imagination for this; crafts, hobbies, extra bedroom, storage, servant's room, etc.



Easy access from the kitchen to your outside dining and grilling.



This is the back of the house.



CC list below spoiler.




The following creators have provided content for this lot:

This house makes extensive use of Pixelhate's 1tileOverlay as Michelle was kind enough to make me some custom walls masks for the timbering and cross-bracing you see around the exterior -Wall Masks -ByMichelle @http://www.medievalsims.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=156&t=5782  @www.medievalsims.com There are 26 overlays/files for each of Michelle's 5 colors. They make many lots look great, IMO. 


Because Michelle only recently released these wall masks, this is probably the first lot available for download that has them. However, you will have your work cut out for you removing each mask/overlay manually. Just so you know. I make no apologies for my tastes.


Stairs have been changed in package to Jeka's log stairs. They look better. Install them BEFORE you install and load the lot.

Waterfall & rocks -by Marvine @http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=275659 (Need Marvine-Waterfall-MatchingRock1-MASTER.package for rocks to show up.) Please install BEFORE loading this lot.

iCad's JustaDoor RCs are not showing up in package after packaging several times. They can be found at MTS here. Or see attached file above. Please install BEFORE loading this lot.


Suggested- deco chimney -by Nonni http://www.affinitysims.com/index.php?/file/1866-re-size-of-sunnis-deco-chimneys/ Please install BEFORE loading this lot. Not included in zip. Not in pictures.

Corvidophile2's large bushes have been updated. Included when you click the download button.


Nine Archer Meadhall Set by Lama @www.medievalsims.com

Kativip's Peaceful Moments walls by Lama -www.blackpearlsims.com

Garret wall set -by Lama -www.blackpearlsims.com

SimWardrobe_CresentArchColumn - @www.simthing.net

sunni9676-BB_MATCH_WallsFloors @www.medievalsims.com

floor_14accfd5.package -Grassy walkway set by tter @modthesims.com

iCad_LTD_GravelPit.package - LimberTimberDecking by iCad @modthesims.com

iCad_OF_TreeHouse.package -Oaken Flooring by iCad @modthesims.com

iCad_OF_WeatheredWoodlandBrown.package -Oaken Flooring by iCad @modthesims.com

buggybooz' PIP patio set plants @http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=223402

Verdant Velvet - Garden Greens -by buggybooz @http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=244914

Seasons Compatible Trees, Plants, Flowers -by bienchen83 http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=286675

corvidophile2_BushyTree_MESH.package -by corvidophile2 Sironasims @http://sims2graveyard.com/download.html


k8 eponymousgarden set -by k8 @parsimonious.com

Birch shrub -by Khakidoo @modthesims.com

Odette build set walls by adele @http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=326535

Gelydh_Walls_TheFigurehead -GoS

Wall -by k8 @parsimonious.com

Wall -by iCad @http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=462271

Wall - by Maranatah in CuriousB spruce -GoS

Tudor Build Set walls -by sherabim http://www.modthesims.info/d/419921

Ash two-thirds wall paneling -@www.feenwald.com

N65 Tudor walls -simcrossing.net

Medieval Shutter Window by Lama @www.medievalsims.com

k8 Wandering Double Door -RC by sunni  @www.medievalsims.com



Please use Clean Installer (http://sims2pack.modthesims2.com/) or MacUnpac (http://forum.jfade.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=456) to install these lots to be sure to avoid any items or problems you do not want. These lots are originals, so have NEVER been played. I only play copies of my lots. Nonetheless, it is suggested you make a backup of your game before installing any new lots.
Expansions I have are: TS2, University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Seasons, Bon Voyage, GLS


Please let me know if I have unintentionally overlooked any creators or their content, or if you know of updated links. I am extremely indebted to all the creators of the TS2 community. Especially Michelle, whose medieval and rustic colors I love. And iCad, because you can expect to see a lot of iCad colors in lots to come, which I think are wonderfully warm.


Another thanks to the staff at affinitysims.info/ips4 for having a nice place to play and enjoy the TS2 community. A special thanks to Nonni and Rebecah for helping to sort out problems with lots. We should now be good to go.

Finally, enjoy, have fun, and expect MORE! Really, not kidding!



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This is so picturesque and quaint and yet, functional. I love the coziness. Thank you for another lovely lot! :love:.


EDIT:  I keep forgetting that I love the Neighborhood scene and updates that you make there. Really makes your upload post special.

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Thanks for your reply, Nonni. Glad you like the neighborhood. I almost wasn't going to show it because the houses are crammed together more than I usually do for my building hood. But, I really wanted to fill up the hood with a lot of houses, so I'm packing them in there. I think they get in my way a bit when I'm building and taking pictures when the lots are that close.


The houses I'm posting now are all along the right side of the road, going up to the top of the picture. That's why they all have even numbers. That's all of Affinity Road. That empty square you see at the top is where my market shops would be, if I had community lots in this hood. But I have another hood for community lots. When that square is full of lots, this hood will be filled, as that is my planned ending point.


I'm quite a few lots ahead of what I'm posting but already trying to figure out how to post more hood views without revealing too much of the other sections done, or under construction. I could hide stuff temporarily behind boulders, but I made a rule that I can't move hood deco to build. Otherwise I'd probably have all the hood deco moving around all the time and never complete the project. Besides, just looking at lots is boring when I'm building.

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This is so picturesque and quaint and yet, functional. 


I agree 100% with Nonni. Naomi, this lot is great!


You neighbourhood is stunning! 

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Glad you like the neighborhood MaAlet. I enjoy it too. I like look at the entire hood. It is a large hood. But I also like to focus my view on distinct sections.


I gotta get busy posting another lot or two today.

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I found the problem with the door, in the description it says is by Kate at Parsimonious but it is actually a remake of her door by sunni.


The beam you use by HugeLunitic are not properly done, and do still flash blue in the neighborhood, Also the bush by corvidophile needs to be fixed and does the same thing as the beams.


If downloaders add the files I am attaching the stairs will not longer flash blue, but they now have this texture.



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