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Additional Meshes - Driftwood Relaxation Set

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About This File

I have created 12 new meshes to go with the Driftwood Relaxation Set that I recently updated and fixed.  You must have the living room chair mesh in your download folder for these items to use the textures, all recolors for the Driftwood set will work with these as they are all slaves of that chair.


I want to thank my wonderful friends Nonni and Alet for all their help and testing on this set!  Thanks ladies!


The set is found here:  http://www.affinitysims.com/index.php?/file/1997-driftwood-set-fixed-and-updated/


New meshes include the following.


Table Lamp            Found with table lamps for $80.

Buffet                      Found under surfaces/misc for $500   includes 18 deco slots

Bookcase                Found under hobbies/knowledge for $450

End Table               Found with end tables for $250

Dining Table 1x1     Found with dining tables for $200

Dining Table 1x2     Found with dining tables for $425

Dining Table 1x3     Found with dining tables for $450

Dining Chair            Found with dining chairs for $350

Coffee Table 1x2     Found with coffee tables for $225

Coffee Table 1x3     Found with coffee tables for $300

Sofa Table 1x2         Found with dining tables for $250   includes 10 deco slots

Sofa Table 1x3         Found with dining tables for $300  includes 15 deco slots











More items found here:






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  • Administrators

Thank you so much for all the add ons, Beck! I think they're brilliant. What a lovely set!

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  • Members

Whoa! Thunk! (That's the sound of me falling over.)


This is so wonderful. Now you are going to make me shut down my game to add these in as soon as I can. I totally love repository sets, so I am totally thrilled with these.


Thank you very much Rebecah! These will get a ton of use in my game.

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  • Administrators

Well actually I had to recreate the whole thing, I wasn't able to use your work.  I did however, love your design and felt it should be expanded on.  Thank you, I do appreciate that you like what I have done with it.

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