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Driftwood Relaxation Set - More Additional Meshes

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About This File

I have created 16 new meshes(6 different curtain models),  plus a seat slot, to go with the Driftwood Relaxation Set that I recently updated and fixed.  You must have the living room chair mesh in your download folder for these items to use the textures, all recolors for the Driftwood set will work with these as they are all slaves of that chair.
The set is found here:  http://www.affinitysims.com/index.php?/file/1997-driftwood-set-fixed-and-updated/
New meshes include the following.
Double Bed                   1864 Faces   950 simoleons under Seating/Beds
Single Bed                     1228 Faces   800 simoleons under Seating/Beds
Child/Toddler 2 tile Bed 1068 Faces   175 simoleons under Seating/Beds with working bedding
Toddler Bed                     672 Faces   250 simoleons under Misc/Children toddlers may put themselves to bed and get themselves up
Crib                                  627 Faces   250 simoleons under Misc/Children
Changing Table            1548 Faces   400 simoleons under Misc/Children
Desk                               406 Faces   450 simoleons under Seating/Beds  4 extra slots and main slot moved back and over
Highchair                        692 Faces    45 simoleons under Misc/Children
Potty Chair                     511 Faces    45 simoleons under Misc/Children never empty potty 
Toy box                         1053 Faces    25 simoleons under Misc/Children
Chair Slot                        180 Faces     0 simoleons under Misc/Children - slot to make toybox a seat with invisible recolor
No cheat is needed to place the top of the cushion seat over the toybox, once placed recolor with invisible recolor.
I believe some of these items do need at least one expansion installed.
Credits to Nonni for the curtains, there are a few options with separate valance or bottom and a double set.













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I totally agree! Awesome and Incredible is the right description! Thank you very much, Beck!

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I'm so excited to see other creators using my work. If there's anything else you want to make an add on for I'd love to see it as well.

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Well actually I had to recreate the whole thing, I wasn't able to use your meshes.  I started out trying to make it recolorable, but to do that I had to make new meshes to get them to lay out for wood textures.  I did however, love your design and felt it should be expanded on.

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