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Animated Windmills, a Large Decorative Windmill and a Tractor

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About This File

Both meshes are from TS3 and converted to work with TS2.


Animated versions of the windmills require Mansions and Gardens, as they also reduce the utility bills for Sims.


The tractor and decorative version of the windmill should not require any expansions.


Animated Windmills are found under Decorative/Miscellaneous

     Small Version is priced at 1200.

     Medium Version is priced at 1750.

     Large version is priced at 2000.


The decorative items are found under Decorative Sculpture.

     Tractor is priced at 4750.

      Deco Windmill is priced at 2000.


All items are recolorable.














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Rebecah! My Sunshine! :Sunshine:


I was just going in game when I thought to check 'View New Content' button.


I could not believe my eyes! You are incredible! Thank you!


PS. Would you put the cost of these in, I have such a shamelessly large Buy Catalog, it would save me a lot of time. Bless you, sweetheart!


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Thank you Rebecah...been wanting these but just bypassed them not knowing what I would do with them ..now I know..I can use them in this challenge..

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WOW!!  I was thrilled with the neighborhood deco windmill but I am ecstatic with these. I am currently playing a game set in the Victorian era in a rural area.   In order for my sims to have running water they must provide it themselves, which means building a water tower on their lot and having some kind of pump to get the water into the tower.   A wood-burning steam pump requires a lot of sim labor to keep the water tank filled.  A windmill will reduce that labor a lot.   The farm I lived on as a child had a small windmill.  It didn't provide water in the house but it did keep the cows water tank filled.  Thanks for making these.

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