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Bietjie Huismuis

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This little sim practically jumped out of my CAS unto my desktop.








Something caught her attention here:




If she seems like a little tomboy, it is because she is being raised by a single dad who is also a bit of a bookworm. But, hey, she doesn't go hungry, she stays fairly clean and her dad has taken some time off from work to strengthen and develop bonds and to train his 'little mouse', as he calls Bietjie.


Here she has had a very full day with lots of snuggles, play and training from Dad and now she is tired.




I have all the EPs and SPs for Sims 2


These items may not show up in the Sims2Pack Clean Installer for they are default replacements:


Thanks to Pyxis' default skintones.

Thanks to Katu's default face templates.

Thanks to Shady default replacement Sparkling eyes.


I want to send a big, BIG hug to a very special lady, maryann/Dany.


Thanks to Maryann/Dany at Cherryblossom Sims.

I have learned so much from her creations



Use the Sims2pack Clean Installer to see all the 'tinsel' and 'trinkets' that helped make Bietjie possible.


Most importantly, I want to thank my Creator for giving me pleasure in His Purpose.






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She sure does not look very happy in your last pic.  :)  She looks kind of devilish.  Thanks for sharing with us Nonni!

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She is cute! Definitely showing character. Thank you for this unique little toddler, Nonni!

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Oh my goodness Nonni! She is so adorable. I love her chubby cheeks with her freckles and I like that she looks like a tomboy. Bietjie immediately joined my neighborhood  with a nice family   :love:



(You make me blush Nonni, you are really a sweet-heart and your words go straight to my heart   :loveblow:  )

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Ladies, my friends, thank you for your kind words. They lift my heart.


Beck, the game generated Sim from which I built Bietjie, was kinda scary (angry looking) but I loved her eyes and mouth so I re-built her into my Little HouseMouse and tried to make her look a bit friendlier.

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