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Old Style Cook Stove

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December 13, 2013 Added taller pipe version. and changed the smaller pipe version to no longer have the heavy smoke effect, and added a bump file to both versions.





Thanks to Nonni for the purchase of this mesh by by kostula  @turbosquid.com.


I have coded this stove to only allows Sims to cook items that may be cooked on the top of the stove, as there isn't an oven.




I have added an outside pipe and the plate around the pipe, but the majority of the mesh is Kostula's, I have also, added smoke effects.   




I have also, added a warm self option, which does give the Sims some warmth, for ages child and up.






It is found under the stove category for 350 simoleons.


There is one texture recolor included, but they are really quite similar.


Credits to:  Nonni, Kostula, and Sophi-David for his effect found on MTS, which gave me some ideas.





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Thank you so much for all your time and trouble :construction:  to make my wish come true and for adding things I did not think to ask for but that really add to the fun and functions!

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Wow, this is amazing! A wonderful add on to the farm collection! Thank you very much, Beck!

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Fabulous, Sunshine! I'm in Riverblossom 'hood and have made up a story to go with your Old Stove:


It is in this old mobile home that Andrew and Jacob Martin moved into when their elderly aunts, Catherine Viejo and Betty Goldstein, found husbands.


Andrew Martin was a slob who sponged off his aunts for years. Then he was struck by lightening and it changed his personality. He became motivated to become his own man and to be a better father to his son. (You do know that I am making this all up in my imagination. :cheesy: )


His aunts gave him the old mobile home that used to be part of their rental properties. They also gave him a small amount of money with which he bought an old tow truck to start his own business because no one would hire him.


His son, Jacob, had a totally different personality. Jacob is doing well in school and even received a grant to go to a private school. He has gotten a job after school and built a small green house to supplement the family food budget.


Here are the pictures:





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SQUEEEE!!!  More options for my American Frontier themed neighborhood (the Cartwrights and the Barkleys live again!)


Thank you for these!  And (if I forget to visit Affinity on Christmas day), you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR, too!



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