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Normally, I don't create Teen Sims but this little fellow, also, just jumped out of my CAS and onto my Desktop. OK, I will confess that I did a few tweaks. He was also inspired by and named after Karen's Jake. ( I know that Karen's Jake is a dog, but he is a noble creature.)






This photo shows him with a different hair. He was playing chess on the roof of his mobile home with his steady girl, Sandra Roth. Being with Jake has helped Sandra take a different, more beneficial direction with her life.




Here is a full-figure shot in game:




I have all the EPs and SPs for Sims 2


These items may not show up in the Sims2Pack Clean Installer for they are default replacements:


Thanks to Pyxis' default skintones.

Thanks to Katu's default face templates.

Thanks to Shady default replacement Sparkling eyes.


Use the Sims2pack Clean Installer to see all the 'tinsel' and 'trinkets' that helped make Jake possible.


Thanks be to God for the gift of pleasure I receive when I am creating.

May it be for His Glory.

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I cannot begin to express my gratitude or have the words to say how deeply honoured Jake and I are.

Thank you so very much. *sheds some tears of happiness*

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Everything just seemed to line up together. I always surgerize my ugly Sims and Jake was the replacement for Jacob Martin in my RiverBlossom 'hood. I opened CAS in game and chose male teen sim category and this little fellow popped up with those beautiful eyes.


I'm glad that you approve, Karen. BTW, fellow Simmers, you can find the Real Life Jake here.

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Wow, those are some really bright eyes Nonni, and broad nose!  Thanks for sharing with us.

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  • Creator

Love those eyes!

And the hair...well, I can see why you might have thought of Karen's little Jake!

I couldn't resist having him for my game too, even though I don't usually pay much attention to the teens...except for Brandi Broke's oldest boy...He caught my heart the first time I saw him returning home from an outing and tucked in his little brother...My heart melted a bit!

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Thank you, Lisa. smiley1838-1.gif

I am totally hooked on Toddlers and Infants especially with the wonderful things that Beck has made. If you want more fun with infants, I recommend that you check out this particularly wonderful mod. There are tons more that Beck has made for Toddlers and Infants.

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