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Updated - Animated Goats - Milkable

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About This File

Updated May 30, 2014.  Thanks to Nonni finding an error in the Call Over option, I have updated the file.  If you have had issues with this goat please redownload.


I have been working on these goats on and off for over a year.  I believe I have them working better than any of my other animated animals.  The milking animation is a bit quirky, and the pail does not always land in the correct position, but I did not want to remove this option.


To purchase a goat you must place the goat sign on your lot (found under misc/pets for $1).





Once you purchase one, you may retexture them in buy mode with the recolor tool.  (I include 4 textures in all.)


The pet action is non autonomous, for the adult goats.  (Be sure to have your sims pet them once in awhile.)




Milking is also, non autonomous.




If you have room in your fridge you will have the option to put the milk away, or sell it for $25.  If your fridge is full you only have the option to sell the milk.








These goats do not bleat very often, I found that to get on my nerves after awhile.  They will bleat when a Sims is petting them.


Be sure to give your goats water and feed, or they will die.  The feed and water are found under misc/pets.  


A new kidd will be born if you have a Nanny and a Billy Goat on your lot, but you may also purchase the Kidds.


Known Issues:  When first purchased the goats do not seem to know their head from their behind, that seems to resolve itself after saving and returning to the game, and/or after they have been on your lot for awhile.



Thanks to Karen and Nonni for testing these, and the many others who tested them in the past.  The male goat mesh I had before was not a good mesh, so I took the female mesh and converted it, to look more like a male, and added some horns and beard.



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I love goats (and donkeys...) and today, I am very happy : my sims can adopt a goat! it's really great!


Many thanks Rebecah and Merry Christmas!     :icon_hug:      

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Add my thanks for this, Rebeccah!  I know a certain medieval site that is gonna go BONKERS that you've been able to create milkable goats!


Thank you again...and have a Merry Christmas!!!



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I am still immersed in the Toddler Quad project with my twins but as soon as they become children, their parents will allow them to have the goats as a responsibility as well as being fun pets. Thank you for coming through with this creation. You are a blessing, Rebecah!

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Hi hi!

I'm (very) late to the party (it seems the milk-and-goat party, goat-yay)!

Just asking what EPs or SPs does it need?

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I also had trouble with the calling and had to remove the goats. Now I am happy to be able to use them again. Thank you

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Guest Charmful


Hello, I downloaded the new file the other day and have not had the previous files. I am noticing that the Kidd is stuck in my barn while the mother goat can walk out freely. I tried to sell it and it asked if I was sure, clicked yes. The kidd is still there but now only a 'info' and 'pet' pie options are available. Does it take awhile for the kidd to disappear once sold?

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try deleting the goat files in your download folder and replace them with a new copy.  The game writes things to the npc file which sometimes causes problems in the game.  I've found if I delete that one and put a clean file in it usually fixes the issue.  It's the file with controller in it's name.  If you look at the file size you'll see it is much larger than my original file.  It's probably best to just delete the whole folder and replace it with a new copy.

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