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So,here is!
A new upload! :partyhat:
So,I see that University EP has a set of Young Adult pajamas.
I love them,but I simply hate that they're not showing up at Adults.
I just converted these PJs from Young Adult to Adult,was a very easy work :hot:
Have a Merry X-mas! :ykiss:
Hope Santa brought you the most beautiful presents!
And have a Happy New Year!!! birthday%20smiley.gif


It don't needs any EP or SP because I "copy and paste" the University PJs colours in a  base-game PJs mesh.

I just feel like saying this,so don't worry if you don't have University.

P.S. Just found out from Nonni that these have pregnancy morph.I just wanted to let you know that.



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Thank you for converting these, Stefy!  You did a great job.  I added a couple of in game shots for the female versions.  We do need in game shots of items, because often they look ok in the buy mode but do not actually work in game.

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Stefy!!! Fabulous, I am grabbing these for my game. Thanks a million!


Beck, thanks for adding the in game shots - it really 'makes the sell.'

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