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Animated Leopards

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I had a request for more animals, and this is on I've been working on for a couple of years.  It's not perfect, but I do not know of any problems with it.


These work similar to my sheep.   The leopards use the pig food and water trough for their feed, (included in the zip file) only because I have so many different troughs, that I really didn't want to add another one.  They do not stay still long enough for the pet option, so I have made that non autonomous, and they do not need social to survive.  


There is a cub version which will grow up after three days.


I have updated my straw bed, it no longer gets dirty so all of the previous issues with it no longer exist.  It seems to work quite well now.  (included in the zip file)


Buy the purchase sign under misc/pets and then purchase your leopards.




I haven't done a video on these, but will try to do so soon.



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This looks absolutely ferocious and exciting. Since it is sleeps with a sheep, I take it that it is vegetarian. LOL

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Beck, I thought I've already comment!  This is so amazing! Now I need to build a zoo! Thank you so much! :dancing smiley:

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I agree with HollyV. Your items ARE amazing, Rebecah, and this animated leopard is no exception. GREAT WORK! Love it!!!

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i'm having an issue with some of the animals (donkey/goat) not moving at all. also, sometimes the sheep/leopards walk sideways or backwards...

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