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Wainscot and skirting Decals

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About This File

I actually like Maxis wainscotting and skirting, but always have the frustrating problem that the game's wainscotting and wall colour seldom match the wall colour I want to use. (Does that make sense?) So, I use the Maxis textures (and some of my own) and made some decals to mix and match with my wall colours the way I want it. 


Nonni asked me for a nursery floor and wall mural I made for my game, which she saw in a picture. When I tried to fix the wall mural I just got so frustrated, because I can't seem to get it to work again the way I wanted it. Nonni named the set the confetti set so I kept that name :) When my daughter saw my frustration she asked why can't I just make decals of it all, then Nonni can choose her own wall colours. I thought  :partyhat:  brilliant! Now I have a solution for my wainscot frustration too  :appl2:  (Thank you Am, Thank you, Nonni!)


If some of you have the same problem, I hope you can use my way of fixing it  :smiley_laughing:














Confetti Bricks is the Mesh file.


You'll find these Decals under Decorative Miscellaneous for $7 each. 





EA for the game




UVMapper Classic


Only by the Grace of God I could accomplish this  :0009:





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