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Digimon 15th Anniversary - Yamato "Matt" Ishida

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As part of my Digi-Sims project/to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the 1999 anime Digimon Adventure, here is Yamato "Matt" Ishida. Like I explained in my first post, I am making them as teens (and I will probably make TK and Kari as children, just because it looks right that way in game). I think that's why he looks so wrongly buff now :/



Adventure 01



Adventure 02


I'm not overly happy with the look of Adventure 01, but I'll just blame it on the fact Matt didn't get a stylist (aka, became a baben Rock Star) until Adventure 02. There are only 2 versions uploaded - I couldn't find any good Our War Game reference pics + I don't want to make them in their school uniforms.


On another note, when I find a teen conversion of the Nightlife goggles, I will make Tai; and I think my next upload will most likely be Mimi.


(all meshes included)



Peggy 3344 retextured by Betty

FFAC Cloud Hair recoloured by me


Eyes: Shady - Sparkling



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Again you have given us a wonderful presentation and topflight creations with your Sim! Thank You!!


Sorry about not posting sooner, Amelie. I often think I have posted when in reality I have not. I blame it on having senior moments.

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