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Digimon 15th Anniversary - Mimi Tachikawa

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The only Digi-Sim I have ever seen up for download was Mimi on MTS2. Not to insult the creator, but she didn't really look like the character (all she had was pink hair). Anywho, after a lot of painful searching, WCIF forums, a ban from Digital Perversion (because, you know, you look that those fools the wrong way and they'll ban you) - HERE SHE IS! phew -_-



Adventure 01



Adventure 02


As is the case with most hat accessories, there WILL be some bleeding depending on whatever hair you use. Personally, I just ignore this - but you can aim to find any ponytail/bun hair with bangs that will fit with the mesh. I had a bout 3 different hairs to choose from, and the one included caused the least clipping.


I'm not too happy that her skirt is pleated, but I was mainly aiming to find a mesh with the right shoes. It's a compromise I was willing to make.



(all meshes included)



Eyes: Shady - Alluring

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She's so sweet!Interesting,I have the Adventure 2's hair in my game too,just I have it in maxis match colours(haven't I said that I'm a big MM CC downloader)

As Nonni said,I'm glad you chose to share her with us and sorry for repeating you Nonni. :)

I hope you will share more of them with us,but I'm starting school again tomorow...

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Oh, how cool! Mimi is particularly lovely, Amelie.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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