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Animated Penguins - Seasons Required

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About This File

Due to some requests for this penguin, that I had had in testing a couple of years ago, I am posting it here:

I have added an option that allows you to purchase the EA Penguins, and have included an object mod that allows them to stay on your lot for quite a long time. I have yet to have one leave. They enter your lot from the sidewalk from either end of your lot, and it does take a couple of seconds for them to appear.

Known Issues: The pet animations for my version of the penguins is still off. 

I have made the baby versions a bit larger and they now look a lot better, at least in my opinion.

If you have a scarecrow on your lot my version will talk to it and gain social. I may add the snowman to that later.

I have also, made changes to the water trough, if you happen to have the pig trough in your downloads the new version may cause a conflict.

This is a test version for ya all to try out. Purchase the Purchase sign under Misc/Pets for $2 then purchase your penguins.

The pig water trough is used for now for their food.

Requested by Gesundheit!

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You are very welcome, thanks for the request and for reminding me I didn't have it posted.

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Thank you, Becks! these penquins are so adorable and fun! 


I must thank you also, Audrcami, for this request! :penguin03:

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I did always love penguins and I was really sad when they just talked to the snowman and leave.

Thank you Rebecah,and thank u Audrcami for the request!!!

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