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Toddler Picnic Table N Chair

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About This File

This is an updated version of a table I created over 7 years ago.
It is cloned from the high chair and will satisfy the want for a high chair. Toddlers learn cooking skills while eating, they can only eat until they are full.

Toddlers will also use it autonomously, if their hunger is 90% or less. 
Toddlers gain fun, hunger, and social.
I've added a small new animation for the toddler to get on the seat, it's not perfect but I felt it was better than the potty animation I used in the old version.  A wall may not be placed at the back of the chair, so that the toddler may get on it.
This is all one item and fits on one tile. It's found under General/Child for 25 simoleons.
Credits to Missaldith for the toddler in the image:  Baby Zoe she may be downloaded Click Here

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Awww this is so cute just like all your creations for toddlers and children(especially your bike and your tricycle I still love them).

Just like all of your creations,Beck,this is way more than great!

Just...could I ask where is the toddler's hair from?

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I missed this one, I can't believe it! This is going to be used very much in my game! Thank you, Beck!

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Hi first thank you for your update! I'd like know if it's possible to change to the toddler go eat only when they are very hungry... not 90% or if i can change this in simpe? How hard is to change this? I like my toddlers to be learning skills and only to eat when they are really in need of that.

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:Thank_you:I have used and abused your first table unmercifully (EA high chairs are just ridiculous!) but my mommy brain cringed a little every time, imagining trying to clean food out of all the crevasses in the original table. I can't believe I missed this update--it's perfect! Is it recolourable? 

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