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I created this per request from Celticlass in our request forum.





This is a conversion from TSM to work with TS2.


Found under sculptures for $1600.


Thanks for the request Celticlass!



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Lovely sculpture and I love the price - something else to satisfy the wants of Fortune Sims.  Perhaps having the sculpture could make Sims master gardeners...just a thought.

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Well I could easily let them gain one of the regular skills, but the gardening badges are really hard to work with....unfortunately.

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I thought I had posted for this, sorry. It does make a lovely table top sculpture, not the least pagan looking.


I have a thought, maybe the sculpture could satisfy the Sim's want for a Good Harvest.


Just thinking out loud...Would that be difficult?

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Thanks I love sculptures even though I don't use a lot of them in the game.  I love seeing how creators present them, that always makes me want them.  Thanks.

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