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 Darius was created with SBB shower-proof Skin tone; The hair is a recolor of Compulsive D male beaded dreads (beads removed) - I apologize for not knowing who created the recolor,  the hair mesh is included.  ****This is a very high poly hair mesh*****


I have all EP's  and SP's thru Apartment Life.

Please use the clean installer to remove any unwanted content.


Thank you to all the custom content creators


Update: 06/27/14 - Darius has been repackaged with the fixed outfit by Rebecah  (Thank you :smiley:)

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Thanks so much, LilSister! I am eager to have Darius in my game. Unfortunately my computer is acting weird and has been for some time. I am taking this weekend to give it an overhaul. I may be out of the loop for a couple of days.


EDIT:  I have managed to download and open the file, everything is fine with me.

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You're welcome Nonni - I'm glad that you like Darius. Thanks for confirming that the link works. I just checked it as well. I was concerned that I didn't upload it properly. I hope everything works out well; you will be missed. :)

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Unfortunately the image is not what is posted.  Could you please fix it and I will unapprove it until it is repaired.  Your image looks great and you did a nice job on what is in your image. 


We don't accept post without all custom content included.  The link you provided is not a valid link...the actual site is gone.  This is why we do not accept posts that are not complete.  


I sincerely hope you can understand why we have this rule.

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The recolor of the hair is included - I stated above that mesh has to be downloaded and provided the link. The mesh was not included per the creators TOU.  I will reupload with the mesh since the creators Domain has expired. Again I apologize for the inconvience. It was not my intent to be dishonest or misrepresent what I uploaded.


Edit: The hair mesh has been included.

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Oh, my, my - He is gorgeous. I really like the dreads, however, he looks good with either hair.

@LilSister - I think you did really great for your first time uploading here. Thanks for your help, Becks.

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