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Dancing Nursery Rhyme Bear

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About This File

I created this several years ago, and now that I have learned a lot more about coding, and because LilSister brought it to my attention, that there were issues with the original version.  I have done a major overhaul on it.   :grin: 


The sing along option has been totally redone and checks to be sure you have Free Time installed before you are allowed to use that option.


The dance option should work for any expansion combination you might have.


The turn on/off options are no longer autonomous. Sims are able to turn it on no matter where they are on the lot.  In other words they don't have to walk over the the bear to turn it on/off.


I test to be sure it is turned on, before the sing along and/or dance options become available options.


The sound volume for the nursery rhyme music is lower, I found it overshadowed the toddler's singing.


Toddlers are able to select an option of gaining 90% of their singing skill learned, but only if they do not already have 90% or above of the skill.


Toddler without the skill:



Toddler with the skill:





Toddlers gain fun, social, learn Charisma  and Enthusiasm for Music with the sing along option.


I also, fixed up some issues with the mesh.  The mesh was an EA sculpture, that I reduced in size, moved it's arms, added joints and assigned sections to those joints.  To make it animatable.   Textures are pulled from the EA sculpture.


This is found with other radios, under electronics, for $99.


Credits' To LilSister for telling me about the issues and for testing.




Be sure you remove any older version of this bear from your downloads folder, and both files found in the folder are needed for this to work properly.





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Toddlers gain fun, social, learn Charisma  and Enthusiasm for Music with the sing along option.

This is Awesome! (sorry not to have been any help with testing. I am glad that LilSister could help with that)

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Thanks Nonni!  I know if you could have your would have tested it.  I am very grateful that LilSister told me about the issues and helped me a lot.

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I had an issue with my game recently and have to re-download pretty much all the cc I want again.  So much comes from this site and all the wonderful creators here.  I love this bear and so do my toddlers - thanks!

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Cool I love letting my little ones gain skill points it makes it easier for them when they are in college (most of my teens got to college, one of my favorite additions to TS2).

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