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I created this in response to a request from INateYou.  Thanks for the request INateYou.


I used a mesh by honeybee at MTS and thanks to Nonni for finding this.  Click Here for original mesh.  I did make some changes to the mesh.  Credits to Honeybee for the mesh.


Credits to Stefy for finding Maylins animated rocker, and to Maylin for that same rocker.  Click Here for her rocker, scroll down the page a ways to find it.


I did recode this to give the sims fun and comfort and they will rock until their needs get low or you cancel the action.


Sims must be seated for the rock option to be available.


Textures are pulled from my driftwood set and require at least the living room chair for a texture.  Click Here to download that set.


The rocking chair is found under living room chairs for $50.



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Hi Rebecah I love the rocking chair and was wondering if you can rock babies in it. Also could you make the textures be pulled from the haffa crib and the cushion slave to the bedding like the original mesh. Please & Thank You God Bless

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