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Updated - Pickable Flowers

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These were created thanks to a request from Alet!  Thanks Alet, this was a fantastic idea!


There are three different flowers and each one is found under hobbies/misc for $25.


Children may water the flowers, but only adults may pick them.  The plants are based off the money tree, similar to my harvestable corn.  


Sims gain fun, enthusiasm for nature and creativity skills, when picking and watering the flowers.


Child watering:



Water, water many and pick options for each flower:



Picking, Sims will pick one flower at a time, and place it in their basket.



When Sims finish picking each flower group they will have a basket of flowers added to their inventory.




The basket maybe either sold or used to create an arrangement in a large or small variation.




Large and Small Flower Arrangements.




Flowers are not recolorable, but the vase which was created by Alet is.


Credits to macarossi for the foxglove and lupin meshes and textures.  Her flowers are found by clicking here.

Credits to Alet for the idea and for her vase which is used for all the flower arrangements. 

Thanks to Alet and LilSister for testing and ideas for additions.  

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Beck, all the flowers are super amazing! It's such a hit in my challenge sims' home business! My sims can't keep up with restocking   :grin:  And the most amazing thing happens - when they're out of stock they ran out and pick more flowers! I just love that!




?And they look so good as an table arrangement too! 



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How MARVELOUS! I love this versatile creation. Thank you, Beck and many thanks to Alet for request and LilSister for testing and suggestions.

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I adore these flowers, I agree with Alet - they are super amazing. I love displaying fresh picked flowers in my home and now my Sims can do the same. Thank you Alet and Rebecca for adding another layer of beauty and fun to our game.


I use a omsp to display on dining table - this particular omsp is for tables which allows Sims to eat


link:  http://hideki.modthesims.info/download.php?t=240082









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This is so amazing and wonderful. I love that they can pic these flowers and put them in a vase. That is something that is possible in Sims3 and I am so happy that you made it for Sims2. Thank you so much, Rebecah. I also want to thank LilSister for the link to that specific OMSP. That will be useful.

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One word: BRILLIANT!

This is a fabulous idea and I can not believe someone did not think of it sooner.

Thank heavens you are still creative innovative, fun stuff for TS2, Rebecah!


And special thanks to L'il Sis and Alet for sharing their in game snapshots of the pickable flowers.



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