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Toddler Wheely Bug Ride On Toy - Requested

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Posted 01 December 2008 - 07:12 AM

This was requested by Deedee09. Thanks for the cute idea Deedee09.

This one is found in Hobbies/Exercise for $149.

Toddlers gain fitness, body skill and fun when riding this.

Note: If a toddler is riding one when you exit the lot it will disappear, as the game deletes all active NPC when you reenter any lot. There are 2 files in the zip, both files must be placed in your downloads directory,

Face Count 2573 - I have tested this with base game only installed and it does work as expected. The computer I have the base game installed on is an older computer, about 5 years old, with only 512 memory, an integrated video card and this did not slow the game down at all.

Youtube video is found here:

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I downloaded this from ModtheSims, and the only problem I've had with it so far is that the adults keep riding it. XD Their feet bleed through the floor because they're too big. Hasn't caused any glitches, so I'm not really worried.

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