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Meaty Gourmet Pet Food

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About This File

This was requested by Charity322 and works the same as my other gourmet pet food.

I cloned the Chef's Salad, but have made several coding changes.  It is available anytime of the day, but Sims must have at least a level 3 cooking skill.
If your Sims has a food processor they will use that, but are able to make it without one also.
Mixing bowl and processed in food processor.

Once completed Sims will set the bowl on the floor, at this point the bowl becomes a pet food dish.  Which changes how the food works a bit.  I believe the food stay permanently. 
Pets who are hungry will be attracted to eat it, as long as they have not be trained to only eat pet food.  Sim may call their pet to eat too, there is also an option to clean up and an option for the Sims to eat it.  Some Sims will have a want eat the gourmet pet food, so I felt I had to add this option, as I was not able to remove the want trigger.
Sims eating.

Pets do not need to eat very much of this to fill their hunger needs, and they also gain comfort and social.
Credits and thanks to LilSister for the idea and for helping with testing and additional options.

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You  are really wonderful. :smiley_happy107: Thank you for fulfilling this request. We now have 2 options for our pets. Blaze thanks you too :grin: He will eat the regular pet food if he has to, but prefers the gourmet pet food. Now I have another option for him. I love it!

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Finicky cats :grin:  That is so funny - your cats love the meaty version and Blaze who is a dog loves the original gourmet "veggie" brand - although he will eat anything when he's hungry. :slapLaugh:

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At least sim cats aren't like my RL cat. She will only eat the stinkiest sardiney fish cat food. As for my dog, she never met a food (or food like substance) that she didn't like. Dogs are disgusting. XD

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Oh, my gosh! This is SO COOL! Love it, Rebecah! Thank you for sharing your talent with us, as always!

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