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Sgoobys Chesterfield Living Room Set - Updated

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About This File

Thanks to Mission Mouse finding this set and wanting to recolor it, I have updated, repaired the files and added the cushion morphs.


I have created a few recolors to go along with the updated mesh files.


Sofa is found with sofas for $550

Loveseat is found with sofas for $500

Chair is found with living room chairs for $250


Credits to Mission Mouse for finding the set and to Sgooby for the original files.


Warning this is a very high poly set, if you have the original set in your downloads folder it must be removed, or it will cause a conflict.


Recolors by MIssion Mouse may be found by clicking here.


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I seem to find the things that need fixing or tweaking, but I just love this set and am so grateful to Rebecah for fixing it. Now I get to recolour it too-yippee!!

The curtains were converted from the Sims3 Store and had to be fixed too, but to me they are the perfect compliment to this set. I think this is so cool, I find stuff, and Rebecah fixes it and posts it. I do the easy part, and Rebecah gets the hard part......but then I get to recolour these things too. It's a win-win situation.  :)

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