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MissionMouse-GreenRecolours of AntiqueSofaSet

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About This File

Rebecah posted HERE her fixed version of a lovely Antique Sofa Set that was converted from Sims3 to Sims2. You will need her meshes to have this set show in your game. I found this set and instantly wanted it for my game, I wish I could also have it in my house. I prefer to have matching sets and this one has everything, including a matching love seat created by our talented Rebecah.

If you have the original mesh, you will need to replace the sofa, lounger, curtains, and chair with Rebecah's fixed meshes.


After a long day at work, your Simmies can come home and relax in this wonderfully comfortable Sofa Set. I just wish I could too.

I have more recolours coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed recolouring it. Have fun!











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Thank you all so much. I wish I had the words to tell you how much they mean to me, all I can do is cry happy tears.

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There are so many wonderful recolors - just wondering if they could be slaved to one piece in the set so that we don't have to have a recolor file for each piece?

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