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Updated - Crabapple Lollipop Chopping Tree

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I had to do an update today November 11, 2014, as LilSister found an issue with my effects, it seems that effect is no longer a part of the Ultimate Edition, so I found a new one.  I also made changes to the hatchet, please be sure you do not have any copies of the older version in your downloads folder.  


Thanks to LilSister for testing and finding the issues!  I am very sorry for any inconvenience, but I do like to fix things that are not right.   :grin:   I am always working to improve my skills. 


Thanks to a request for Alraris, I have updated all of my chopping trees to allow for Sims to sell the logs in their businesses.  So, I decided to create a smaller tree to go allow with my previous trees.
When a Sims sells the logs in a business setting, they will need to have more in their inventory to restock.  I have added a sell option to the logs to allow Sims to sell them outright also.  When Non Owners chop the tree at a business, logs will go into the business owners inventory.  I have made several changes to all of the trees to fix some issues that I believe will make them work better. 

You find this item under Knowledge/Misc for $50. Sims chop wood to gain body skill, enthusiasm in nature and fun, they also, earn logs which go into their inventory, each set of logs may be sold for $50. Their energy, and hygiene are reduced while chopping the wood. Body temp increase. After 8 times of chopping wood, the fallen tree will disappear.

Custom Sound and animations.
My Birch Tree is found by clicking here:
My Joshua Tree is found by clicking here:
My Pine Tree is found by clicking here:
My Palm Tree is found by clicking here:
My Bonsai Tree is found by clicking here:

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I am jumping for joy :366915: :366915: thank you for updating and thank you Alaris for the request. I love more ways for our Sims to make money outside of the "system" :grin: That's $400 simoleons per tree - Melvin sends you a big hug! :1hug:

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I had a feeling you might like this one LilSister!  I remember reading in your stories that you used my trees.  Please do let me know if you don't like any of the changes.

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Thank You! Another wonderful tree to add to the game :)


Is this compatible with no Ultimate Collection? (disc version copy of the game)? Does it override the old effects in all the trees? I like them and they worked well so I am not sure wheter to install this new hatchett or not :)

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