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Hope that you will enjoy playing this lot.

Update: Kringle's Extras was missing one file.









Back of lot:




The side of lot:




1st floor:




2nd floor:




Interior 1st floor:




House-warming gift on kitchen table, Sparking Cider:




1st floor Master Bedroom:






Living room:




Off to the side of living area:




Living room decorated for Christmas:






64,558 simoleans


swimmable pond

2 floors

4 Bedrooms including Nursery
  (Master bedroom and Nursery downstairs)

5 Bathrooms (over kill, I know)

Kitchen and Dining one room

Living room with Fireplace

Large observatory balcony

Large recreational room with Fireplace


I have all EPs and all SPs

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  • Creator

This home does look very warm and cozy. And five bathrooms! 

Thank you, Nonni...you are so very creative. I do love those quilted curtains and bedding too!

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I do love those quilted curtains and bedding too!


Thank you, I have a lovely and gifted seamstress.




It just takes me ages to finish a lot because I just keep remodeling, checking safety of custom content and usable space.


Thank you all for the lovely comments.

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  • Administrators

I LOVE this lot!! And I am beyond flattered that you used my bedding and curtain recolours too. Thank you so much Nonni. :)

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  • Administrators

Wow, Nonni, what an amazing lot! I really love it! Thank you very much for sharing this delightful house! 

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My dear loved ones, please pardon my mushy-gushing. When I try to write down the feelings in my heart, this is what comes out. I have been chastised for the way I express myself and told that it is phony. I wish I was a gifted speaker and could verbally express myself easily and correctly. 


But when the heart wants me to write, I give way, it is almost irresistible. I want to say that you are all so special and you provide loving encouragement not just to me but to each other. God has created us a garden of love, it is our sanctuary. We can 'breath' here.

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