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Booster Seats - Jonesi Blanket Texture

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You need to have a copy of Jonesi's Blanket in your downloads for the textures to work, a fixed version is found by clicking Click Here


100 beautiful recolors by Mission Mouse are found by clicking hereSorry my link is not working.


I have created two version one is my original mesh and the new version is what I have called a comfy booster seat.  You may use both in your game as they will not conflict with each other nor will they conflict with my original version.


I did try to code them to set the chair you place them on in use but I have been unsuccessful in my attempts.  So these do still work the same as my original version.

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What a wonderful idea to make these booster seats pull texture from Jonesi's blanket and even greater that they will have access to Mission Mouse's textures.


More 'warm fuzzies' for my Toddlers. Thank you!

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