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Nursery Set Repaired and Updated

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About This File

I include her recolors for the sets, at least the ones I found.


Textures are pulled from the EA Cheap Crib, dressing table and high chair.


I updated all of the beds and made the toddler bed work like all of my toddler beds.


The files did require a lot of work to repair and update, but it a really beautiful set and very well done mapping to pull the EA textures.


I also, include a fix for echo's 3x4 rug, recolors do still work for it.  


Credits to Mission Mouse for finding the set and to Bitzy for the original meshes. 

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Thank you Rebecah for fixing this set  - it is one of my favorites and I use it often.


Just wondering ... what was wrong with this set and what was repaired? I've had several pieces of this set in game for a couple of years with no problems (at least none that I know of). I use the bassinet often, it's one of my favorites. I'm glad that you fixed the toddler bed to work like yours now I can use it :grin:


MM I'm looking forward to your recolors :smiley:


Quick question about the baby bath - is it set for bathing babies only?

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I gotta tell yall I love this set! I am so glad that Rebecah put her stamp on it. The little farmer RC is my favorite. Thanks again for fixin' it. :grin:

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I am such a bother, sorry, I need the cost and catalog placement of the clock, the hanging lamp, toy box, and rug. I need to have my nose placed on these objects. Again, I am sorry to be a pest.

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