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MissionMouse-LuxiareKingChair & LavelleTruffleCurtain

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About This File

Rebecah very kindly fixed another curtain for me and I paired it with her Luxiare King Arm Chair set Add-Ons.

You will need her set HERE

I don't often have the desire to recolour items already in the game as I am not a fan of most of them, but I do love this chair and am so happy that it is now part of a complete set.

The curtain is another Sims3 to Sims2 conversion originally made by Vita for Sims 3 and then converted to Sims2, but it needed to be fixed. It is part of her Lavelle Truffle Bedroom Set, but I only liked the curtain.


May your Sims spend many comfortable hours in this set as they study or read or watch TV.


Happy Simming Everyone!

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I almost missed out on thanking you, Mission Mouse.

:sunny day smiley:

I really appreciate your dazzling textures, they brighten my life as a Simmer.

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