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Riding Lawn Mower - Custom Sound and Animations - Sims 2

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Posted 23 March 2008 - 02:21 PM

Updated 07/01/2008: Fixed rear wheels to turn correctly and a bug that caused and error for those using testing cheats enabled. Recolors will also no longer change back to the base color.

Be sure to download MaAlets nice recolors here: Click Here

I've started this a few months ago and put it aside because I couldn't get the poly count down to something reasonable, and I also needed a good sound, finally I got it working with a reasonable poly count. smile.gif

The face count is 5114 but it does span over 2 tiles so it isn't to terrible. If you don't have a lot of memory for your game this may not work good for you. I had no problems with 4 of them on a lot at the same time. You have to forgive the missing section of the actual blade as that portion would make it way overboard for face count.

It must be placed on terrain to place it on the lot and is found under Hobbies/Misc for $2500 it does not depreciate.

Front and rear wheels are animated, and this was a real challenge to get them both working. I had the front and almost gave up on getting the rear wheels to work.


Sims may get on it backwards or sideways, you have to play with the placement to get them to ride it properly. Sorry I haven't figure out this problem.

The sound does linger for a minute or so after they stop riding. I decreased the length of the sound but I just coulnd't get it perfect.

I have place this in Hacked Objects, for those that don't understand what a hacked object is, let me explain. A hacked object is an item that has been coded by the creator. It isn't hacked to cause problems for your game, the hacked term is a little scary to some but it really doesn't mean anything bad in this case.

I have created a base game compatible version that should work for any combination of EP and/or just the base game. Please download the NoEp version if you do not have Free Time.

The Free Time version gives Sims Enthusiasm for the Outdoors.

Both versions Sims will gain Cleaning Skills when riding it.

A video is posted here:

Child rider video is here:



What's New in Version - Sims 2


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