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Thanks to LilSister finding this set, I have repaired the issues with it and added a safety to check the Sims needs.


The original often froze up if you tried to cancel the stomping action, it no longer does this and the Wine Boxes now go into the Sims inventory instead of all over the place, like the image below.





I also redid the mesh files so that the grapes were not hanging in midair and created a new barrel mesh.


The barrel is found under Misc/Misc for $900, the Wine Boxes are placed in the Sims inventory when the Sims stomps the grapes.  Sims may also take a bottle of wine from the box of wine.


Credits to Katy for the original, and to LilSister for finding this set.  


GUID's are Katy's GUID's, be sure you remove any other copies you might have in your download folder.





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I have had this in my game for a few years. It's one of my favorite items (I have so many favorites :grin: ) I am so happy that Rebecah was able and willing to fix it. :smiley_happy107:  I feel much better using it now that Rebecah has made it safe for us and our Sims. The St. James Winery is now back in business :dancing smiley::366915: Thank you Rebecah :1hug:

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