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MM-RC-Pants with Flats

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These files have been changed to be elder enabled. They will show in both elder and adult categories. Please redownload if you want these outfits for your elder ladies.


Sometimes when I want my Sim to wear jeans, it's a bit of a problem because of the shoes. At MTS


HERE there is a wonderful mesh for just that. Pants with flats.


I don't know about the rest of you but I also like for my Sims to wear other fabrics  than denim when they wear pants. So I did a bunch of re-textures and made sure the shoes match the pants. Now if my Sim has to run across the yard after her wayward children she can do so. Mommy Sims can run quite quickly in flats!


There are tops coming to mix and match with these pants. LOTS of tops. LOL






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Some times I find it ludicrous that actors in, for instance, crime dramas wear the 4 inch heels with the 1 inch high sole.


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LOL, that just made me picture Mom Sims running after the burglar in her high heels.....

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