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These files have been updated to be elder enabled. These outfits will now show in both the female adult and female elder categories. Please redownload if you want these outfits to be available for your elder Sim ladies.



Sometimes Maxis has outfits that I almost like but they just don't quite cut it for me. The selection and colours are minimal and don't give me the look I want.

This cardigan had so may possibilities but not enough of a selection. Having the cardigan and the top underneath the same colour just limited it's use far too much for me. I decided to do something about that :slapLaugh:

Now there are 55 possibilities for this particular cardigan. The sweater underneath is white with the cardigan being many different colours and patterns. The bottoms you can now pair this cardigan with are practically endless. I really do make too many when I redo something. :Whistle:

Just use Clean Installer to delete the colours and patterns you don't want.

I have all the expansion packs and stuff packs, and these cardigans were made using Mansions & Garden's Body Shop.

Happy Simming!


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