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These files have been updated to be elder enabled. These outfits will now show in both the female adult and female elder categories. Please redownload if you want these outfits to be available for you elder Sim ladies.



This is one outfit I actually like. Unfortunately it comes in only two colours, blue or white.





:ROLF:  I fixed that problem. Yep, I made 65 recolours. I might have went a tad bit overboard. :Whistle:


Just use Clean Installer to delete any you don't want.





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Because it only contained two recolors, this Maxis Dress was a favorite on one hand and a disappointment on the other. This is so marvelous! :smiley_happy107:  Especially appreciate it being enabled for the Elder Female. Thank you, Miss Mouse.

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I will never understand the reasoning behind some of those weird outfits and having them available in more than 2 colours, and then a pretty outfit only available in 2 colours.

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Thank you all so much. These comments are so encouraging for me and I truly appreciate them all.

I really do like this outfit, but it was so boring only in two colours and both of them being a solid colour.

There are so many beautiful knit fabric images on the web, it was impossible to use every one I had.
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