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Catofevilgenius at MTS makes beautiful clothing and she has been very helpful to me as I started learning how to do clothing. This is one of her many tops that I am a big fan of. The original creations are HERE


I think one can never have too many tops, and this one with those 3/4 sleeves is perfect for all seasons.



I did make quite a few, and you can just use Clean Installer to delete the ones you don't want.



As with all of my uploads now, this has been elder enabled, meaning it will show up in both female adult and female elder categories.





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It sure does give me a lot more options and I only have to make adult clothing and just enable it. I only have to do one recolour and then enable that one and you only have one file for both in your downloads folder. It will still increase your downloads folder, but only by one file instead of two.

That means you can download twice as many LOL (that's my *special* logic)

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I love all of the color options you give us Karen,  it's really great that you like doing clothing as we haven't had a clothing creator for a few years.  Thank you so much for creating and sharing these.

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Thank you all very much. There are so many lovely creations to do. I'm very grateful to the talented creators.

I still can't believe I am actually doing this.

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