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Since Photobucket, where I saved my pictures, has changed its terms, I have no pictures to display.


I have all EP:s and most of the SP:s.


A forest retreat for your simmies, where they can relax and enjoy the soothing surroundings away from the city.



Lotsize: 2x3

Price: 91,474 Simoleons






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This is beautiful, might make a great vacation retreat for a family.

P.S.--I changed *southing* to soothing.

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Thank you both for the nice comments and thank you MM for correcting my spelling.  :icon_hug:   I usually try to look it up but I was in a hurry last night.

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How serendipitous!* (I have been wanting to use that word forever) In my retro game the toddlers are now children and can go on vacation. I have a house for Takemisu almost done.


*It means:

a) come upon or found by accident; fortuitous

b) good; beneficial; favorable


NO CC!!!!! :smiley_happy107:

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Oh, Nonni, you are the best. You always make me smile. Thank you. :icon_hug:

I have decided to not use CC in my uploads, it makes it so much easier.

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I agree! I wouldn't ever want to download a house with custom content, unless it is sparse and/or something I already have because it makes it such a pain.


One reason I don't upload houses. I prefer building them with cc lol.

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  • Creator

Love this one...and I agree with the comments about downloading houses with cc...it is not something I do any longer because of the problems I've experienced in the past!

And I no longer upload anything with CC either unless it is a recolor of a painting or something simple that won't impact the game.

Maybe I'm weird, but I feel that there is already so much great content in this game that cc is not really necessary much of the time.

But it is FUN to use sometimes, especially when you are creating a story or taking pictures in game. :-)

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