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In a rare spare moment I decided to do something for my Sims again. As walls and floors are the easiest and the quickest to do, you get some bathroom floor and wall tiles today. I hope somebody can use some of them  :grin:








In game pictures:












EA for the game




All the artists fpr sharing their textures freely on the internet

My Creator for the ability to do this





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I love your walls and floors and, your bathroom fixtures. :bighugs-vi:

I am delighted that you are interested in creating for your game and sharing with us.

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Thanks for these; they're so nice!  I esp. love the "Rough It" set. 

Funny, but the first thing that came into my mind when I saw it was my mom looking around our absolute 70s style kitchen in the early 80s and saying, "Oh, this Has To GO!"  And then she replaced walls and floors with something on the order of the rough stone sort of look, not just like yours, but somewhat on that order...not sure what brought all that to mind! 

Actually, it's probably just the game I am playing, which involved creating an unsettled (by Europeans) North American neighborhood and taking it through history from mid-18th century to present day (and maybe into an imagined future).  So, everything I download goes into a file which is labeled as a particular era.  I guess my mind just drifted toward another era, as it does more frequently that usual these days.  (My sims are currently in about 1825-35.)

Anyhow, sorry for the rambling.  I just lost a filling...a huge filling...and I'm feeling nervous.

Thanks again for such lovely floors and walls!

Lisa CH


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You're welcome Lisa! I'm glad you like the rough it set :)

I understand about something suddenly trigger your memory; and I'm glad it's a sweet memory of your mom :1hug:

Sorry about the filling! Good luck going to the dentist :Smiley10-1:

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