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Pedicure Bath Chair

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This is a pedicure bath chair, as requested by LilSister.   Have your sim sit in the chair, then you click on them again, and they will have the option to soak, and when they do soak, their hygiene, fun and comfort rise.  The sim has to be sitting in the chair before the soak option will come up when you click on them. The water is animated, and I intend to upload a second version for water that isn't animated, in case anyone that has processor/memory issues wants it but can't handle the animated water.  


This is the first joint venture of Rubberman, Mission Mouse, and myself, (Gayars).  We named ourselves the 3 Mousimteers :D


There are a ton of recolors, but the mesh is listed separately as a second zip file download, because of the fact I will be adding an unanimated water version later.  


I wanted to add a big thank you to LilSister for testing, and also for the creators of cep and simpe as without them this wouldn't be possible. :)


Realized I forgot the price, and catalog sort duh. It is in Living room chairs, $611 dollars.


Just wanted to add that I cloned it from the blue suede chair, which is base game compatible, but I made it with the Ultimate Collection, so have no idea if it is actually base game compatible or not.


I added an unanimated version of the pedicure bath chair, as I promised early on. I am so sorry it took me so long! It is exactly the same, AND HAS THE SAME GUID, but the water isn't animated. I added it for those whose computers have trouble with the animation, due to it taking extra processor to handle it.  You can only have one version of the chair. All recolors will work with both versions. 

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WOO HOO!!! This was a really fun project to work on, plus it's really awesome. Now your Sim can go to a spa and get pampered. They can have the nicest feet in the neighbourhood!

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Your 3 Mousimteers joint project has yielded marvelous results. :smiley_happy107:

I am so proud of you all. :389-Amours-love-:

Big Thanks to LilSister for the idea and request.  :icon_hug:

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Is there any way to add an animation for someone to put their hands in the water with the wash hands animation as an option? It would be great for my lady's maid and for community lots too! And some medieval recolors would be wonderful! Plumbob Keep has lots of nice medieval recolors as well as stone and copper recolors for the foot bath. I wish I knew how to recolor furniture. 

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The place where the sim puts their feet while in the pedicure chair. Since it has water I called it a foot bath since I don't know the actual name. 

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