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Updated-Gothic Set from Sims Design Avenue

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Updated October 16, 2022 - Thanks go G-Knee for bringing to my attention that one of the mesh files had a guid conflict.  I have updated it and hopefully there will no longer be an issue.


This beautiful set comes from Sims Design Avenue which is a site no longer available.  I have made many repairs and updated most of the files.  I felt it was a set worth saving.  I also added slots to the dresser and fireplace.  The bed also now allows for EA bedding.

Bench (sofa) $180 poly count 4728 
3 Bookshelves 1x1 $100 poly count 874, 2x1 $150 poly count 1478, 2x1 secret door $150 poly count 1490
Dining Chair $80 poly count 6882
Working Fireplace $150 found under Decorative/Misc poly count 1452 I added 3 slots for the top of the fireplace (No chimney) :)
Arm Chair $150 poly count 10092 found with living room chairs (Master file for slaved items)
Bed $250 poly count 7884 now uses Maxis bedding and updated to AL
Loveseat $200 poly count 12348 updated to AL
3x1 Dining Table $200 poly count 9298
End Table $80 poly count 10082 slave to an armchair for textures
Chess Table $100 poly count 2104
2x1 Coffee Table $100 poly count 4702 slave to an armchair for textures
Chair living room $250 poly count 10244 slave to an armchair for textures
Dresser $150 poly count 27090 added 8 deco slots and updated.  Be sure to press the M key to get to the slot of your choice.
Fire Basin $80 poly count 756 it has a turn-on and turn-off option mainly decorative I created a silver recolor.
1x1 Curtain $80 poly count 4704 repaired the global data call to curtain global
2x1 Curtain $100 poly count 4704 repaired the global data call to curtain globals
3 rugs 2x3 3x4 3x5 All are now found under rugs for $80, $100, and $120 poly count 12 rugs are stand-alone items

The following are items I did not recolor but included as they are a part of the original set.  I did, however, clean up the files and fixed all issues I found.:
2 decorative bushes both priced at $50 found under decorative plants
4 candle lamps wall lamp $60, floor lamp $100, table lamp $80, ceiling lamp $80
6 wallpaper and 3 floors




Goth-Set-Blue-DR-jpg-5d40dc2f4700ca3fdee Goth-Set-Blue-LR-jpg-160b526001d831b30f9 Goth-Set-Blue-LR-jpg-1fc97632102c99ff621

Goth-Set-Green-jpg-282fed28c695ef1822273 Goth-Set-Green-DR-jpg-dd99fa76b04af02679 Goth-Set-Green-LR-jpg-7c99006348673bb767

Goth-Set-Plants-NFire-Pit-jpg-f1c0f055ae Goth-Set-Purple-jpg-4fd7edc76a07123d610e Goth-Set-Purple-DR-jpg-bc4ca78990a52f38e

Goth-Set-Purple-LR-jpg-2b805c33cafe0de19 Goth-Set-Red-DR-jpg-7384859648d18ab460b6 Goth-Set-Red-LR-jpg-94be455b6dd9c9477eea



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