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CuzydMo.gifThis is functional soap. It was a request.  It is found in plumbing/miscellaneous for 1 simolean.  It is placeable on several surfaces, but for placement near a sink, I recommend a shelf above the sink for it, as there is something in the programming of the sink that makes the sink disappear if placed to the left of it.  If you click on the soap, and choose use soap, the sim will spongebathe with it until their hygiene goes up, or their other needs drop too low. The object was made for use on community lots, where there are pools for a medieval type neighborhood, so they sims spin into their swimsuits first, and then revert to everyday clothing afterward. If you place the object into a sim's inventory, they will be able to be told to use soap from their pie menu, so you can carry it with you to community lots. 

This is usable by teens, young adults, adults, and elders ONLY. I had to custom make the animation, so I only made it for those age groups. I did the very best I could on this animation but be warned, it IS a custom animation, so has a small amount of clipping. 

There are several recolors for it, as it comes in cream as the base mesh color (which will come as a surprise for my testers, as they had tan :D), then pink, blue, yellow, green, and tan. 


A big thank you to all my testers, Lach, Jottiz, and Alet and also to Fansee for making me a GIF of the animation :)

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