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Buyable Teddy Bear Stand

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*******UPDATE Now Recolorable*******



This is an updated version of the teddy bear.  It is now recolorable.  The teddy bear you display on the teddy is the color you buy and take home.   To make recolors of the stand, you recolor the stand, to recolor the teddy bear on the stand you recolor the teddy.  The teddy on the stand is repositoried to the teddy.   You may recolor the teddy once you get home, if you would prefer a different recolor. One important update to the teddy. To avoid issues with the stand I removed the worn state of the bear, so IF you already have it in your downloads and have a bear in the worn state, you will need to delete the bear before playing. Also due to the changes, as a precaution, please remove and replace the old files and delete caches and replace stands before playing.  While I had no issues just replacing it in my game, I wasn't playing with a worn teddy bear either.  This is simply a precaution.   The file names are NOT the same.  You will have to manually delete the old files and replace with the new.   


The stand code requires Nightlife, OFB and pets.  It is made for the Sims 2, with the Ultimate Collection.  It is sold for 150 simoleons in the Community catalog, and the teddy bear is 49 dollars and can also be bought in the child's toys area next to the regular teddy bear. 


This is a buyable teddy bear stand. It is found in the shopping/miscellaneous area in the Community catalog for $150.  It is also available in residential lots in general/miscellaneous, so you can use it in home businesses.

The bear is right next to the regular teddy bear for $49 if you don't want to go to the store. 

This is another clone of the perfume stand so NIGHTLIFE IS REQUIRED.

This can be used in open for business owned businesses, but was mainly intended for unowned ones.


"Known issue" due to using perfume carrying animations, the teddy bear is carried on its side, facing the sim's belly while going to the checkout.


A big THANK YOU to Celebkiriedhel (here or here or  here) for the teddy bear texture! Didn't she do darling work? :)

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This is really adorable!  Thanks so much for creating and sharing with us.

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