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Posted 01 March 2010 - 03:16 AM Keiko Masato

Keiko is 3rd or 4th, I lost count, generation, born in game of Asian descent

Even as a Toddler, Keiko, showed promise of comeliness

She was generally good-natured, but she was very sociable and needed some attention at this moment

As a child she was obedient and excelled in school

There were a few rebellious bumps as a teen, but Keiko had wise and patient parents

Tragically, Keiko lost her parents while in college but she honored their memory by graduating with high honors.

She returned to her old home with her new husband, Riku. Together they are building a home of love and joy while waiting for hoped for offspring of their own.

CC included:

Aloha Kay

Glow of Youth blush

CC link: http://www.simsafe2....?showtopic=5314

Shiloh Hair (mesh included)

CC link: http://www.simsafe2....?showtopic=3794

TOS link: http://www.simsafe2....?showtopic=1725

link to mesh: Lewis@SimCribbling aka Ren


Tempting Lips ? Champagne Bath

CC link: http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=327829

TOS link: http://www.modthesim...ber.php?u=11431


Eye Makeup Set for my AsiaStyle skintone

eyeshadow and eyeliner

CC link: http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=236565

AsianStyle skinset

CC link: http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=236404

TOS link: http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=261288


Perfect Brows (women)

CC link: http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=289153

TOS link: http://www.modthesim...r.php?u=1603428


Liu-Yi Eyes

CC link: http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=327853

TOS link: http://www.modthesim...r.php?u=1187435

Special Thanks to God for MaAlet:

Recolor of Kimono by MaAlet using pattern created by Nonni

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